Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweet One's Interpretations

Lately I have been captivated by how much Sweet One seems to be interpreting. I put Elmo in Grounchland on for her to see if it would scare her as it did a number of months ago and I am happy to say that it doesn't. (Part of me is gauging whether it may be possible to take her to the movie theater since I absolutely love going to movies myself!) She is definitely understanding what is going on in the story as she shouts "Find Elmo!" and tries to dance with the same motions that Vanessa Williams does. A few moments ago she shouted out words that I didn't understand but with an expression that clearly showed her concern for Elmo.

She is also expressing her understand when reading books. I recently took a book called But No Elephants out of the library because I loved it as a kid. Sweet One will 'help' me read spots where she knows what is going to be happening after only having it at home for five days. When we read You Are Special she imitates the poses she sees some of the characters doing. Another book that she was addicted to for a week or so was The Giving Tree. The last time we read it she started calling out "Apples!" and then "House!.....Boat!" etc, identifying the correct order of what the boy/man demands from the tree before I was even reading the words myself.

In the car we've been listening to the third volume of the Glee soundtrack and over the past few days Sweet One has been singing the chorus to Lady Gaga's Poker Face. I am constantly amazed at this and think it is the cutest thing in the world. She's not just singing one small part but is singing out one line after the other.

Oh how this little girl of mine never ceases to amaze me! Bit by bit she is telling us what is going on in her mind and I love every minute of it. Now if only she could do more of that when a tantrum is upon us.

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