Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet One leads and Mama is relieved

"It seems that they usually lead us to new frontiers instead of us pushing them!" That's what a friend of mine, who has two grown children and two grandchildren of her own, told me after I had shared a story about Sweet One sledding down a hill all by herself. Today Sweet One was ready for another frontier. A few minutes ago Big Love was reading my previous post and almost started laughing.

As often happens, last night's post was gave me the cathartic release I needed to be motivated and get more work done on the switch. I got things out of the purple closet that need to be in other rooms and I got all but the crib and a bookshelf out of the green room.* With the bed rail assembled I decided to just suck it up and get her to nap in her new bed. Perhaps starting with napping for a few days will help her become more comfortable in the new bed. It went alright. We brought Elmo, her water cup and her blanket in from the green room before we read her books. I snuggled up beside her and she fell asleep easily. (I'll try not to bitch about her nap only being an hour leaving her quite moody for the rest of the day!)

This evening Sweet One had her bath while I did a little bit more organizing in her new room. I was a little disappointed to find that the drawers in her mate's bed are smaller than the dresser/changing table but we'll deal with that. Fortunately, the progress made during the afternoon and bath time seemed to bring it all to a point where it really seems like her room. After her bath, she and Big Love left the bathroom while I stayed behind for a moment. When I left, Sweet One had directed Big Love to her new bed where she had decided she'd sleep. I was shocked. Even more surprised when she had Big Love read her her bedtime stories because up until tonight she usually asks him to leave the room when it is story time!

While it did take her longer to settle down than usual, Sweet One has been sleeping in her room for almost two hours. I stayed in there with her until she fell asleep and will slowly work my way out the door to try and avoid any screaming fits. I am completely surprised that after worrying about this transition, Sweet One guided me and let me know that she was going to be ok! (It is almost insane to how often the things I think will be easy are a challenge and those I am worried about go smoothly!) I'm even more relieved that now if she wakes up too early in the morning I'll be able to crawl into bed with her and not have to lie on the floor anymore!

*The purple room is her new room and the green room is her old room.

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