Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another day, a few more things figured out

A hot day full of absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, but a few things learned.

  1. Although it won't get completed in one huge whirlwind as I'm used to, the garden will get planted and the beds will be cleaned up because a lot can be accomplished in fifteen minutes here and there. It is ok that I don't get it all done at once because right now it is more important to be able to move when I'm done and hold my little boy without a revolt from my muscles.
  2. We've had three days in the 90'sF/30-31C and it seems that by the end of it, Sweet One is melting down just as I want to. It could be a very long summer and I'm already wanting to ram my head through a wall.
  3. I don't like only getting 6.5 hours of sleep in a night. Especially when it's in 2 hour pockets here and there. But in the end, I can still make it to the end of the day without losing my mind and that's a good thing.
  4. I don't have the fanciest espresso maker nor the most impressive grinder but in my world, I can make an iced Americano in the morning that I really enjoy. (And Sweet One keeps telling me "I need coffee" so I can actually get her drinking some milk when I put a small drop of the decaf espresso in a cup for her!)

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