Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brief stream of consciousness, otherwise known as a brainfart

This rollercoaster ride of mothering is kinda crazy. One minute I'm almost yelling at my daughter to stop screaming (yeah, that makes sense) and the next she is snuggling close to me, looking like a perfect angel. And at the same time, I'm spending time with a small knot in my stomach trying to figure how and when to put the kids in the same room. I figure that I should wait to do this when Little Man will be able to sleep through the night for the most part which leads me directly into wondering when I should start making him fall asleep on his own. I have no clue even though I went through this before. If he cries for too long he will wake up Sweet One and that is no good when we're trying to train her to sleep longer. We had a hell of a time getting Sweet One to sleep without her soother (transl. "binky") and I don't want to have to do that again. It was necessary to stop her from sleeping with it because once she got used to it she finally started sleeping well. Quite honestly, if I could get him to go without one all together I would. But I know it is a good idea because it helps prevent SIDS and it is a natural instinct that babies have to soothe themselves. Maybe he'll be one of the breastfed babies who don't want a soother. Good lord, both of these kids of mine were suckers if the sucking blisters on their lips (Sweet One's have gone away) are any indication of how much they did it in the womb. I have to remember that while Sweet One still doesn't want to completely give up her soother, Little Man could be completely different and not crave them like crack.

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