Sunday, May 15, 2011


After realizing there was no where else to put it, I moved the crib into our room this past Thursday. The kids will eventually share a room but we figure that until Little Man is sleeping through the night, we can't really have them together. Sweet One's sleep is still mangled enough as it is! We can't leave the crib in the office because that's where guests will need to sleep when they come to visit and while visits are few and far between, we still need to have the space available. Yes, this is all one more decision that I've felt completely inept at. Why is it that I don't feel a little more competent the second time around?

Little Man had been sleeping very well for awhile. One night he even went 7 hours without a feed! I was elated. Thinking that since I made the effort to get the crib in our room I decided to see how he would do if I moved him from the sleeper he had been using to the crib. Now the sleeper is not flat and once he's in there it leaves very little room for his body to flail at all when he goes through those moments of shake, rattle and startle like these little ones do. The first night in the crib he was alright but the last two nights have been quite rough. Waking every two hours or so and not even wanting to eat each time has left me barely getting an hour of sleep at a time. Things were not great during the day either because he would not fall asleep and stay asleep for his naps. I am starting to lose my mind! So I think I'll move him back into the sleeper tonight and see how he does. (Let's just add this to the 'I have no fukking clue' list.)

What I would give to be able to talk to someone who's been here. At this exact moment I am at a loss.

(Little Man was put down for a nap 2 hours ago. In the sleeper. Where's his frikkin' instruction manual!)

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