Monday, August 3, 2009

30 Days

I had a bad day yesterday. Felt like a shitty mama and an even worse housewife. There is one specific quirk I have that pisses me off to no end. Like my inability to clean up right after I'm done something or to put things away in their places. For example, every morning I make a smoothie and rather than putting my blender back in its place (a whopping foot directly behind where it sits) I leave it there until later in the day when I'm fed up with a clutter (and unfortunately very small) counter space. Or how I look at something that could be put away and rather than taking the 30 seconds it would take, I wait until it and forty three other things are lying around and I'm pissed because everything is a mess.

I read a couple blogs about changing a habit in 30 Days and decided I should fix this one. If I am able it will help me to stop beating myself up about it and maybe I'll spend my free time enjoying myself rather than practicing the art of self-flagellation. I will be realistic and understand that sometimes Sweet One may be hollering for me and it is not the time to clean the kitchen. If I accomplish that, I'm going to buy myself a lug bag that I am coveting but don't think I deserve (that's another issue for another time, I'm sure). I'll let Big Love decide if a difference is apparent.

So here goes Day 1.


  1. Good luck in changing habits. I need to do more of that! Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me a nice vacation. I appreciate it.

  2. How are you going to change it? I need to do that too....

  3. I'm basically just forcing myself to put things away. Before I'd look at something and think "I'll take care of that later" but now when I think that I stop and put it away. Day 2 went pretty well! I think the brightly colored reward is helping my motivation, too! Also, knowing that if I do it for 30 Days helps because before I'd just think "I have to fix it" but when it felt like a never-ending fix then I got discouraged quickly.


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