Friday, May 7, 2010


When I have a project to do, I feel like I always get 98% of it done. Painting a room? I'll save the trim for later because my violent outburst of painting has left me spent. So I tell myself I'll finish it up later.

Part of my problem was that three years ago I thought I would pull up the carpet on the stairs and living room. However, I never got around to it and since toddlers fall down stairs occasionally, I'm glad I didn't. But looking at the trim for the past chunk of months has made me cringe because it looks a little like ass. It may only take up 2% of the wall but the trim is like the icing/frosting on a cake (and I'm completely guilty of eating icing with a spoon)!

So with the hopes of getting a few projects done before the in-laws arrive, I have a checklist and things are getting crossed off. No longer will I need to give myself shit every time I walk up or down the stairs because there is a new layer of cream cheese frosting on either side of me. It won't be long before I've done all the projects I'm capable of doing myself and then I'll just hope the lottery comes my way so I can have someone else do the ones I can't!

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  1. Our entire house consists of projects not-quite-finished. I feel your pain.


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