Friday, May 21, 2010

Lurking underneath

I'm working on item 6 of 6 on my list of jobs to fix up the house a bit. This project is the lattice and wood panel that is perpendicular to the porch floor that I refinished a few weeks ago. The stink that comes up from my work never ceases to amaze me as I'm sanding away with a borrowed belt sander, my face covered in a dust mask and safety goggles! What the hell is it underneath the paint that can have that unholy smell! I can only imagine. Slightly frightening.

Then as I was finishing up with the 50 grit, trying to pry myself out from the mountain laurel that was pressing me against the porch, I let go of the trigger on the sander and brought the sander down to my side. Or so I thought. My knee stuck out through the hole in my jeans and the sander gave my knee a quick kiss just as it finished winding down. Dammit. Three hours of working on this project injury free and then in the last 30 seconds...

Hopefully this project will be done by Sunday evening. Dammit. Showers tomorrow. Monday?

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