Monday, May 10, 2010

Mmmm, pie

For the past couple of years, my attempts to try and make a pie crust on my own have been complete failures. Whether it was gluten-free or regular, margarine or shortening, nothing worked.
So when my mom was visiting last week I had her help me make a pie crust and voila! it didn't suck. It was good to be doing something with my mom where we just joked around. (Any time she was given the tiniest opportunity during her visit to start talking about her theology and all that she's learning as a minister, she'd get going on this brainwave that left no room for anyone to be involved - the pitch of her voice also jumped up an octave or so and the sing-song was incredibly which made me start to wonder if any LSD behind my back.) SO, it was nice to not have to venture into the 'land of wonder and amazement' and just have some pie at the end of the day! She did get a little grossed out when I ate some of the scraps from the crust. I had to make sure it was the same recipe that she used when I was little and since I'd gorge myself on the raw pie dough, it was the only way I knew how!

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