Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sometimes I surprise even myself....

It is the end of May. It is too damn hot. 77F/25C at 7:40 pm with the sun setting in our bedroom windows. When it is this hot it should be July. No real sign of relief on the weather forecast.

The In-laws are here - am I allowed to ask them not to speak in their 'dog whistle' voices while talking to my daughter? But Sweet One does seem to be really enjoying having them around. I honestly feel bad for my mom and stepdad who she hardly interacted with at all.

Sweet One's sleeping has been fukked up because of how fukking hot it is and then I lose even more sleep both because she wakes me up just after I finally fall asleep and then I can't fall asleep because of when I got woken up .... gong show.

I only just started getting my garden ready. In 55 minutes this afternoon I became drenched as I emptied out my compost bins into the garden beds and turned all the dirt. I'm almost ready to plant.

And usually all of this would be driving me insane but in the end it isn't! I'm behaving a little better and have managed to avoid the stare of death from my mother-in-law. I guess things will be ok.

But honestly, does anyone have any ideas on how to help a little one sleep when it is too fukking hot?

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