Thursday, May 6, 2010

A visit and painting have eaten up the past two weeks!

What a couple of weeks it has been! Sweet One got two teeth - molars!

My mom and stepdad came to visit for a week. It is hard to visit with my mom because in the past two years she has been working as a minister (unordained) at a church and is so excited about everything that she is doing and learning. It is great for her because she has always wanted to do this but hard for me because once she gets going on this stuff she almost becomes a different person. I can't put it all into words right now which is probably why I haven't been posting - because this has been on my mind for awhile now and I don't feel ready to put it all out there.

My porch has now been painting. I still have to paint the lattice that is skirting it as well as one other section, but in general the surface has been sanded, caulked and painted over the past few weeks. I have two other projects to get painted in the house and then the rest of what is outside. I hate all these little painting jobs hanging over my head.

Sweet One is in bed right now crying for my attention - cry a bit, stop a bit, etc. We are in the transition of moving to one nap and sometimes it makes bedtime hard because she gets so wired playing after supper that it is impossible to slow her down and yet she won't let me sit and rock her ... that is until I go back into her room.

Anything exciting going on in your world?

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  1. I understand life with a parent who is a minister. And I know what you mean about it feeling like she's a different person. I made the remark a few days ago that my parents don't even know me anymore.

    Feel free to email me and vent. You know where to find me.


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