Thursday, June 3, 2010

The frozen purple balls of bliss

Now that my little netbook has arrived five days ahead of the estimated delivery date, I can type while Sweet One eats her blueberries. And truly! There is so much time in the day that seems to be dedicated to blueberries.

We give her lunch or supper and she eats just enough. It's as if she knows that there is a certain amount of room in her belly that must be saved for these little frozen purple balls of delight. With the main course finished, her eyes immediately light up as she points for the fridge and proclaims "dah!". I am done with this part of eating, Mama, please bring me the blueberries!

As I pour some onto her booster seat tray, she places her hand on the bottom of the bag. I think she is trying to figure out a way to dump all of them in front of her. Each and every blueberry that she sees is eaten with precision. Sometimes popped into her mouth with a little suck and sometimes placed into a very particular spot - how she decides if it is to be the left cheek or the right, the front or the back of her mouth I will never understand. And when one little blueberry falls into her chair, nevermind that it is with the food she has tried to hide there, she screams as if a human rights issue has been trampled on! Don't I know there are babies in africa who have never even heard of a blueberry! Must free the blueberry!

Perhaps tomorrow while she is eating her blueberries I'll finish War and Peace. But for now, there is a head being rested on my lap and it is time for me to play with this little person who is my bliss.

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