Thursday, June 10, 2010

SWX - letters used a lot more than I thought

On Tuesday I was cutting some onions and just after saying "man this knife is sharp" to myself, I realized that I had cut my finger. It bled like a bitch. I called a retired doctor friend of mine who told me to put gauze on it. I didn't have any gauze and he said to use bandaids but 10 minutes later he and his wife (she was a nurse, they met in a hospital in Philly) were here dressing my finger.

Luckily I already had a doctor's appointment the next morning for an adjustment and so my doctor, who I think is an awesome doc, fixed me up. Because I'm a woman who has not given birth as God intended, I can honestly say it was one of my most painful experiences. I cut the skin right off and got to a vein. When my doctor pulled off the gauze, after I had soaked it for awhile, he was pinching and trying to get the blood to stop on its own. Unfortunately, this did not work and he had to use silver nitrate. "It will sting a bit," he said. But he lied. It fukkin' hurt and as I desperately tried not to yell and/or cry, I said so. It wasn't fun.

So now I try to type without a ring finger. Do you realize that once on the computer, the ring finger is an incredibly busy finger with every s, w and x needing it! I never imagined just how much it is used but the previous paragraph required it 32 times!

So that's why I haven't be here in a few days because it is annoying to adapt. (Was is the hardest word to type.) Tomorrow I'll be able to take the big chunk of gauze off and wrap it myself with something a little smaller.

Thankfully Sweet One has been sleeping better. It was hard the first night with her hollering and fighting it off for an hour. This afternoon she slept for just under 2 hours. She's been amazing at listening to me this week - made being her mama pretty easy. She is now at a stage where she wants (enough w's and s's?!) to walk down the stairs rather than crawling but she didn't want to hold both of my hands because this giant white poofy thing on my hand was freaking her out! I do think her eye teeth are making their way through and it breaks my heart for her to be in pain.

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