Friday, June 18, 2010

Learning about love

Sweet One seemed to want to run around outside rather than for a ride in the car to the local home improvement store and so Big Love put his shoes on and was ready for some play in the sun. My friends and I left for the store.

About 45 minutes later we returned to the house. One of my favorite pictures was in front of me: Big Love sitting on the grass while Sweet One walked around him looking and picking at different things in the grass. "They're still outside! That's not at all surprising. She could spend all day outside," I said as I stopped the car.

I got out of the car and heard Big Love say "Let's get you some water," to Sweet One as we walked up the stairs to the house. I reached for the knob, turned it and was immediately stopped by the locked door. "I locked you out of the house?" "Yes. But the good thing is that none of our windows open from the outside! That's also why I need to get the sippy cup."

In my excitement to be with my friends and think of what I needed to get ready for a trip to the store, I locked the door automatically without even thinking that it was unnecessary since Big Love and Sweet One would be home. I just stood there, dumbfounded and humbled. I looked at my friends and I looked at Big Love: "If you had done that I would have been pissed and gotten mad at you!" "I know."

There are so many little moments like this where Big Love teaches me what is worth getting upset about and what is not. And what it means to patiently and completely love someone.

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