Monday, June 14, 2010

It doesn't get much better

I am lying in bed. Anything outside of the glow of this little scream is a dark black that swallows up everything. My daughter is fast asleep in her crib. My husband is sleeping next to me. In the guest room/studio are two of the most important people in the world to me. They are here for a visit and I have been beyond excited. We had a late dinner of Pinot Noir and Spring Veggie Pizza.

Sweet One greeted them at the airport as if she had just seen them yesterday! Such a difference from either visit with her grandparents. (And strangers in general.)

And so I have two and a half days to make the most of their time here. We're just going to hang out and spend time together. My words fail.

I'd also be this excited if it were my sister and her family visiting. Or my friend from Montreal. Not that there are any competitions going on. It's just funny how I had so much anxiety about the two sets of grandparents coming and now there is none. I wish we didn't need sleep so I could have more time with them!

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