Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The longest twenty minutes of my day

I let her bare bum follow her as she played in her room while I cleaned up the diaper. She joined me in the bathroom where she attempted to dig in the garbage and then take the diaper sprayer from me. After I finally got her to stop that she went back into her room. A few moments later I heard some short cries. I knew she wasn't hurt but I could tell she was worried. I walked into the room and there, lying on the wool area rug, was a blueberry poop. Sweet One was very upset that some was squished on her sock foot and the rest was lying all over the rug. I told her it was ok. It was mama's fault for not putting a diaper back on.

So I picked up what I could and disposed of it properly only to hear more worried cries. Sweet One was coming towards me and as I picked her up, my eyes surveyed the area where she had been playing. No more blueberry poop. But there was a wee bit of pee in the bin she had been removing her toys from.

I bought a pound of frozen blueberries on Friday and by Monday evening they were gone. Sweet One has practically been living on them with this heat wave we have going on. And they sure did seem to color the twenty minutes of my day that seemed to take forever! This is exactly what a great parenthood sitcom is made of.

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