Thursday, June 24, 2010

One month of garden

One month ago this garden was planted and I dare say it is doing well. The potatoes are taking off, as are the tomatoes. I think I have a critter eating a few of my bean plants but hopefully it won't be too bad. In the bottom right hand corner there is a big blank spot because I planted one more row of lettuce yesterday and will do a third in a month from now. The blank spot just above that is supposed to be parsnips. I haven't grown parsnips before and there are only a few. I wonder if the birds have been scattering them as they have many of my carrot seeds. I have two types of beets growing and they are growing - these are some of my favorite vegetables and so I'm excited to have two varieties this year.

That's my garden update. My sleep was quite fragmented last night from a yappy neighbor dog, Sweet One waking up a few times, the humidity that was driving me mental and storms that seemed to be everywhere but right above us. So, it's me and the couch tonight and I desperately hope that both Sweet One and I get a better nights rest tonight!

A bientot. (Yes, I realize I'm missing a few accents. But that's as french as I'm getting - Sweet One beckons. Too much sun in the windows to sleep is my guess.)

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