Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I conquered the sleep sack

Every time I passed by the dining room table I looking at the material. A constant reminder of the sleep sack I wanted to make for Sweet One. I was going to go rogue and make it without a pattern. (Patterns for this weren't on sale when I was buying the material.) My first sewing project, other than curtain panels, that I would not use a pattern for. Pieces were cut with another sleep sack as the guide. I knew I could make it but that little voice inside my head that makes me question my abilities (even for something as simple as this) was working too well over the past week and a half. Today I silenced it and my little project worked just fine. The only thing that could have been better was the size of the armholes. Because I was guessing at how big it needed to be I did not get the proportions right. (The pattern is on sale now so I will probably get it to avoid that particular problem again.) My original motivation for making this was to save some money. The supplies for this one cost under $10 whereas buying a new one is double that.

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