Thursday, November 5, 2009

Randomly I Roll Along

A little bit of this, a little bit of that as it floats in and out of my brain over the past few days. Not much but this is where I'm at right now!

We had a lovely trip to Baltimore and then a little cabin at one of the state parks. Sweet One made the trips in the car quite easy. I think having Big Love in the back with her helped a lot because she had someone to play with. The two nights in the big fancy hotel (which we so did not pay big fancy prices for) were a little challenging with Sweet One waking up every 2 hours the first night!

The last month has been a challenging one for me as a mama. With the weight issues and trying to get her to eat more, the refusal when she is not happy with what I'm offering, and then feeding her at night 2 to 3 times. I thought I was going to lose it; it was never going to end. When we were at the cabin I had two nights of 6 straight hours of sleep! It was a miracle. And then the last night we were there I gave Sweet One a soother rather than the boob and she went back to sleep. She's eating more during the day from both me and her solids. Now I need to get her eating a larger variety of foods and hopefully she'll like what I'm giving her!

Family is family whether you know them or not. And I learned that especially in the past few days because a cousin of mine was killed in a car accident. She was only 21 years old. I didn't know her at all but my heart aches for those who knew her well and loved her even more. We never want to outlive our children and as I think of my Grandma, I am sure that outliving our grandchildren is difficult in its own way.

Another milestone of motherhood last night: I was puked on multiple times. I have no clue what happened but she woke up at 8, I found some puke and then as I tried to comfort her, waves of warm, stinky pukey-ness would cover us both. Eventually she fell asleep and I held her until 10:30, making sure she was going to be ok. For quite awhile she did that breathing thing where little bubbles of sobs were heard as she inhaled. Despite the grossness of the whole situation, watching her face squish up as she fell asleep was wonderful. As she slept, I saw many of the same expressions and movements upon her face as I did when she was a wee newborn. It is good to be her mama.

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