Monday, November 30, 2009

The time is nigh

I received a phone call today and our contractor came to look at our bathroom once more. He was 'getting really close to be able to start' it and wanted to refresh his picture of what needs to be done. Well, close is freakin' close as he will be starting tomorrow! After months of hoping that our contractor would actually start, the wallpaper I took off (and the pictures that nauseated my sister) and just be plain old sick of looking at the ass of a bathroom we have, a new one will be here soon.

I'm finding myself a little anxious about what the few weeks will be for Sweet One and I. We're still working on her sleeping through the night. I made her quit the soother at sleeptime cold turkey and also her third nap. The last few hours of her day have not been as bad as I would have imagined. She's starting to sleep a bit better but if she does wake up more than once for a feeding I rock her rather than feed her and she seems to go back to sleep alright. It is obviously not only hunger that is prompting these night rousings. Nap time still isn't perfect but it is ok. However, I'm not quite sure what will become of it with this disruption to her schedule. Has anyone out there dealt with this situation? Any suggestions for me? (Well, other than to stop worrying and know that like everything else we'll figure it out!)

I think Sweet One is fighting off her first cold. Her nose isn't running or anything but her voice has more rasp to it than before. She sounds slightly conjested. Luckily it hasn't killed her spirit. With the third nap being cancelled I've been trying to spend that time out for walks. She is sitting in the main stroller part rather than the car seat now and seems to really enjoy having a look around at everything that is going on. (Winterizing will be happening as soon as I get around to ordering whatever it is I need. Suggestions are welcome.)

But I am a little weary from an early morning and so will stop. It is 6:30 and Sweet One has already passed out for the night!

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