Monday, November 9, 2009

Mundane mumblings

I've had lots of postings in my head lately but it seems that by the time I can actually sit down to put words to screen, I'm tired. And then I also realize that what I might write about isn't all that exciting and so why would anyone else think it is exciting! The lovely cyclical nature of not enough sleep and over developed skills of self-flagellation.

Right now I am working on getting Sweet One to sleep without me rocking her the entire time. It is the third day and so far she is still making noise. Yesterday it too her little to no time to fall asleep because she was so exhausted from a 5 am morning and not enough naptime. Hopefully she will fall asleep soon so that it doesn't cause another one of those tomorrow. Good lord, I do not want to repeat how tired I was on Sunday. I also think a tooth is on its way and I do wish that whole process didn't have to be so painful for the little babes out there.

Why is it that almost every time I try to get Sweet One sleeping the neighbor-dog is outside barking his yappy little mouth off? We had a sheltie when I was young and my mom was able to train it to not bark non-stop. My guess is their skills at training a dog are as developed as their exercise routine. What is with people who don't take their dogs for walks on a regular basis? They all need it. (Ouch. That was bitchy. I'm tired and maybe I shouldn't be typing!)

So I'm going to leave it at that. I'll go here, raise some money for charity and hope that Sweet One does spend the next 45 minutes screaming at me.

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