Saturday, November 14, 2009

Middle of the night phone call

This is an email I sent via Facebook. I'm not in his friends list but needed to get in touch with him because I'm a little confused and slightly worried because my imagination is that good. He's the son of Sweet One's Godparents and for a number of years I taught him voice lessons. Basically, I watched him grow up and over the past year we've lost contact. I guess it is because he's in his early twenties and doesn't need to say hi to his 'big sister'.

Hey Kid,

I don't mean to stalk you but when I email you at one account the messages seem to end up in the abyss of emails that never return. Last night at 12:30 I got a phone call which freaked me out a bit. It was your cell number with nothing on the other end. Since I haven't heard anything from you in over a year it was a little weird and I just wanted to make sure you are ok. Perhaps it was some weird unintentional phoning thing that your phone likes to do to wake up mom's who were about to have their first night of 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep for the first time in weeks (how I was desperate).

Frankly, I watch too many tv shows and add that to my overactive imagination well imagine what I was conjuring up in the 45 minutes that followed to phone call as I desperately tried to fall asleep again before Sweet One woke me up at 4:15!

My sarcasm is with the idea that you are in fact just fine and not lying in a ditch somewhere. If a cell phone rings and the owner is unconscious beside it, does it still make a sound?

Hope you are well.

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