Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Because Sweet One was born in January, it makes the Christmas season huge for what she will be receiving. I'm thinking that I will not spend a whack-load on her (since she won't remember it and all) but buy her some 'half-birthday' gifts. One thing I am really trying hard to avoid is toys for her that are based upon computer programs. Ever since she was born, neither Big Love nor I have felt that these toys are the greatest for her development. You know the ones that sing, beep, buzz and do everything for the kid short of wiping their butts and doing the potty training for me! I think that they do too much work for the kid. They are often battery powered and I want my child's play to be kid-powered. Nowadays it is so easy to push a button and everything is done. While looking online a bit I was happy to see that there are a lot more toys out there than the standard jumping frogs and other toys like theirs.

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