Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving limbo

I find that here in the states, the overall sentiment for Thanksgiving is much more intense than in Canada. I'm not sure why but I think part of it has to do with the fact that, from my observations, it is the holiday that gets the ball rolling on the Christmas/Holiday season. (What would Black Friday be without Thanksgiving? Perhaps just another "Biggest 2-Day Sale EVER" that seems to happen at least once if not twice a month.) It seems to me that people make a bigger deal out of trying to get 'home' for Thanksgiving if they are separated from their family - even though Christmas is only a month away.

For the past three and a half years we have been in Thanksgiving limbo. Each year I have made our Canadian thanksgiving. The first year we were here I made it in the tiny apartment that we inhabited for more months than I care to remember. It was on a Sunday and Big Love was gone ALL day. I cooked and drank a few rum and cokes - had to pour the ingredients for my glazed squash three times because I kept screwing up from my tipsy-ness! This year was the first year I felt more detached from Canadian Thanksgiving. The motivation to have Thanksgiving in October was not as prominent for me. It seems the longer we're away from Canada the easier it is to feel that its celebrations are not as much a part of our life. It doesn't feel like it is 'ours' anymore.

I have not yet made a Thanksgiving meal in November. The first year we were here the associate pastors of the church (who are no longer here) invited us to their house. We had a nice meal with just the four of us. I was introduced to an American Thanksgiving with a strong southern influence (Oh! the pecan pie! I can not say enough about the pecan pie. I'm told it's all in the shot of bourbon.) and the flavors were gorgeous! Last year we were invited to Sweet One's surrogate great-grandparents house where we enjoyed Thanksgiving with them and some of their family. This year will be the first year we will be at our house on our own. Big Love and I still seem to lack an attachment to Thanksgiving in November but I am going to make us a small dinner. Sweet One is an American (despite our jokes that we will raise her Canadian - no shoes in the house.) and that means that Thanksgiving in November is part of her own story. Who knows what the future will hold but I do plan on making both Thanksgivings mean something within our family. Maybe I'll even attempt a pecan pie.

I am thankful for a humble home that is full of love and the laughter of my daughter; for the opportunity to make our own traditions together.

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