Monday, January 25, 2010

Her own victory

I was head down looking through one of her bins trying to find a slightly bigger pair of jeans that could fit her cloth butt. She was crawling around in the area above the stairs where the doors to the rooms are. I had just put her down from the changing table and the sense of freedom she regained had her off as quickly as she could, the sounds of her hands smacking the floor a clear sign that she was enjoying herself. The smacking continued. The space between each smack seemed to get shorter. I looked up and there she was: chubby legs moving in small steps with the biggest smile on her face going through the doorway and back into her bedroom. She was holding a Canadian pen above her head like a victory torch. Her first journey on her feet uncoerced by either me or Big Love.

I gave myself a bit of a creative exercise today and revamped the "About Me" section of my page. I have no ability to change up the page itself and so changing a section or so will have to do.

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