Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Show: Life Unexpected

I just finished watching the pilot episode of Life Unexpected and I loved it! It airs on the CW Mondays at 9pm and I can't watch it then because of 24 and The Big Bang Theory, both shows I watch with Big Love. Luckily they re-air it Wednesdays at 8 and I desperately hope they continue to do so. I love the characters already! Not since Gilmore Girls have I liked a show this much after the first time I watched it.

I know my life isn't too exciting when I get this excited about a new show! But what am I gonna do?


  1. Wait a minute, did you just put that on the same level as the GG?! I have to check it out now.

  2. That I did - and a young friend of mine who also loves the GG watched it and agreed with me.

  3. I've never watched it. How long has it been on? I hate starting a new show after it's been on awhile, but I'm interested!

  4. It was the Pilot episode that I saw.


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