Sunday, January 10, 2010

If I can't find stroller skis, I'll try to win this

I was looking online again with the smallest of hopes that I may be able to find something that would a) allow me to get outside and go for a walk with my daughter regular during the winter and b) that I could afford. I did find this website that makes Snow Strollers so I definitely have something that matches the a) requirement but alas, at this point it does not fit in with b). HOWEVER, because I'm posting a link to their website I am getting another entry in a contest to try to win one of these. I'd love it SO much. (The fact that this is a Canadian product makes it even cooler in my opinion.)

Sweet One and I did go out for a walk for a bit and while her insulation chamber kept her nice and warm, the walls of snow in front of sidewalks (the rare ones that were actually cleared) made it quite challenging to walk. Oh, if only I could win one of these I wouldn't want to jump off the roof of my house!

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  1. Our prices are significantly lower this winter.
    Snow Stroller Team


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