Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stroller Skis would tackle this snow

I stepped outside this afternoon at about 2:30 to shovel the walk. The snow has not stopped falling in at least three days! Luckily, it is light and fluffy which makes all the clearing much easier. As you can see, the snow was up passed my ankles and Big Love had been out there around 7pm yesterday to do our third clearing of the day. The greatest thing about when I went out to shovel today was that the sun had decided to make a meager appearance for the first time in many days and there is nothing that makes my life better than the sun shining on my face. I didn't even care that there were wind gusts and a temperature of 17F/-8C and a windchill of 1F. Bring it on! I was
outside and the sun was with me. The only real challenge was finding places to put the snow!

Just prior to going out to shovel I was goofing around online and googled "stroller skis" with the expectation that absolutely nothing would show up. Much to my great surprise, I found this. I got so excited but the feeling quickly passed as I was unable to find any place online that had them available. If Sweet One and I could only go for walks! (The majority of people in this town do not clear their sidewalks!) My desperate plea is that if anyone out there knows where I can get my little hands on a set of these, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! You would be providing me with my very own holy grail and bettering the lives of not just me or Sweet One, but also Big Love because then he wouldn't have to deal with two girls who have been cooped up in the house all day long - for many days on end. In the 10 day weather forecast, Thursday and Monday do not have snow showers in them and the rest do. (I am not joking when I say that it has snowed non-stop here for three or more days!) There is a beautiful walking trail (featured on the blogsite) but it does not get cleared and if I only had a brain, er I mean these stroller skis, I could walk to my heart's content.

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