Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seeing the sun isn't helping

Sweet One's sleep has improved drastically over the past 2 weeks - sleeping up to twelve hours a night. There's so much in my head to yabber about this and yet I can't get myself to do it. She even lets Big Love put her to bed and that in itself is an accomplishment. I am starting to sleep through the night, too.

The sun has shone for a few days and we got out for some walks. But my brain still feels blechgh. Usually the having the sun shining makes everything feel much better. While carrying her to the stroller yesterday, Sweet One could barely contain her excitement.

I have a beautiful bathroom and a month or two ago I said I was going to have a bath right after it was completed. I haven't taken that bath because I really don't want to have to see this body, all gooey, shmushy and blubbery, for the entire time I'd be bathing. Big Love even bought a $16 bottle of wine yesterday so that I could enjoy in my first bath but I'm not sure my ego can handle it! (We usually don't spend that much on it but he wanted to make sure I'd have a decent glass of wine to enjoy.)

I feel like so much doesn't feel right - my body, my brain, my clothes, my lack of personal goals. Not sure how to get out of this funk and after three days it doesn't feel like it will just pass.

Sweet One took close to a dozen steps on her own. Over the past few days she'd take two or three here and there but today was the first time she covered as much ground as she did.

Still no new teeth. The second tooth she got was on September 19th and she's gnawing on everything she can get her mouth on. I'm hoping those fukkers make it through soon.

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