Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two more brain farts for today

National Delurking Day. Neat! Please, play along and leave me a comment. Come out of hiding and say hello and you will completely make my day. Obviously I have counters because I'm beyond curious to see who may give two shits and where people are from.

Two - Thursday night. One of the bigger days in the tv week for me as Grey's Anatomy is on. HOWEVER. After years of never seeing a bad episode this season is becoming, in my opinion, a bit of a dud. The final episode before Christmas SUCKED ASS as it jumped through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's in whatever 47 minutes it could. A lack of cohesiveness was so evident. I love Grey's Anatomy people, ever since the first episode I watched as I got mildly drunk in my apartment trying to deal with the fact that my father was visiting (all visits with him over the past 6 or so years have left me drunk before and after as well as in tears and emotionally beaten up). (I am laughing at just how much detail I can recall from different moments in my life, kinda scary. A good memory is not always a good friend.)

OK - I said they were brain farts and in true Mamabird style, that's what came out. Now I'm off to sew a few more curtains for my bedroom.

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  1. Not really delurking, but here I am!

    I also think that Grey's is a sinking ship. I've loved the show from the beginning, but I'm getting tired of the constant character movement and the fact that not one couple can have a relationship that's not completely screwed up. Ugh...just don't get me started!


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