Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet One's first email

This email was in my inbox today for Sweet One. It is from my dear friend who lives in Montreal. Next to Big Love, I'd say she knows me best. With my immediate family being far away I was so happy the day that my friend said she'd be honored to be known as Auntie.

Hello Mamabird and Baby Birthday Girl!

How unbelievable that you should turn 1 today. You have no idea how much your mommy loves you (especially when you sleep for more than 4 hours;) and how many people all over the land think about you and it makes them smile and feel hopeful! You have changed many peoples lives since your arrival. I will always remember the first time I got to hold you, wrapped up tight in that blanket, you certainly were small! Now, you are doing all sorts of things...including climbing stairs, eating big people's foods, babbling, and it looks like in no time you will be toddling around on those adorable legs of yours. Thanks to your mom for keeping your Auntie updated because I love to hear what's new with you. Maybe soon we'll have a chat on the phone...

Happy Birthday to You! Eat some strawberries for you still love those? And give your mom a little snuggle...Moms are suckers for those.

Love you and your mom!

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