Thursday, January 14, 2010

Missing - my cat and going for walks.

I've been missing and thinking about my little cat a lot more over the past few days. Sometimes I hear noises like he used to make. Yesterday, Sweet One wanted to sit at the piano and as I approached the bench I saw his little footprints. I was looking at a posting from The Storque and there I saw a black cat looking at me. The sun has been shining all day (so far) and when I see it touching the floor I remember that my cat would have been finding every sunny spot her could. Moments before he died he crawled into a sun spot on the couch.

I want to get out for a walk. Sweet One has had a rough day because she missed her morning nap due to the timing of her 'year old' doctor's appointment (still small at 17lbs 4oz but this doctor says not to worry and that the last doctor's assholishness was due to a cultural barrier in communication). I was thinking that if I had a backpack we could get out and so I will get one for her soon ... or maybe I'll win!

Ok, this beautiful little girl is asking for some Mama-time.

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