Monday, January 18, 2010

My little butterfly

If you help a butterfly out of a cocoon its wings will not be strong enough to survive once it is out and it will die.

That's what a friend told me yesterday when I was telling her how bad I feel for Sweet One as she is teething. At a year old she only has 2 teeth - the second arrived on September 19th and it wasn't far behind the first. It has been months of gnawing on anything she can put in her mouth. Recently, she has even been putting her hand on her gums when nothing else is within her arms reach. Today I got a good look at her gums and there seems to be 4-6 little buggers on their way down. Maybe getting a whole bunch at once will make this drawn out process a little bit more worth it.

I wish so much that I could stop it from aching for her. I can't imagine how much teething might hurt since I don't remember the process myself but I'd love to spare her the pain. And then I thought that perhaps this is the little stuff that is preparing me. Physical pain that is guaranteed to have relief once the process is over. Down the road I'm sure there will be so much she has to go through as she grows up and I won't be able to fix it at all. I'll only be able to be there for her, if she'll have me, and let her know I love her.

As a side note, I did not win the snow stroller.
As another side note, houses of similar vintage as ours are very poorly insulated in this area which makes A LOT of huge icicles from the heat escaping out the top. When I returned from going to a movie this afternoon I looked at our house and realized that the entire length of our upper gutters was ripped off as the weight from the ice was too much for it to bear. Too bad Sweet One wouldn't chew on one of those!

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