Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And all because I split my pants

My daughter has been in her crib for nearly half an hour. It's pretty damn cute how she talks to herself, drops her soother on the floor and then smiles as I'm crawling under her crib to retrieve it. (Must remember to vacuum under there.) Three nights ago we stopped swaddling because I was afraid of her being smothered as she had just started rolling onto her stomach. The first night she did laps around her bassinet for an hour, trying to find a comfortable position and ending up on her stomach with her bum up in the air. One night it got quiet all of a sudden and so I went to investigate. There she was with two legs out of the crib and the most satisfactory look on her face! We haven't had any moments where she screams non-stop because I haven't rocked her to sleep and so I think we'll be ok.

As I sat down to nurse Sweet One around 9:15 this morning, I heard a noise. I stood up, grabbed my ass and realized that I had split yet another pair of pajamas. I had two pair of lightweight pajama pants and then I had none. (Neither pair were wripped from being too small, just old.) This problem combined with my underwear needing to be replaced after pregnancy stretched them(anyone know any good ones that won't make sausage links out of my hips?) brought about a spontaneous decision to drive up to the nearest larger center so I could do some shopping. I got most of what I needed but was quite surprised to find that neither Old Navi nor G_p had any shorts on sale. Hardly a pair in their stores to be found at all! I enjoyed a free tall decaf americano which also had a coupon for me to get a cold grande beverage after 2pm - two lovely coffees for only $2.12! Bullseye was shopped at - can't believe I never shopped there for the first year or so that I was in the area! Love it. A wee bit of grocery shopping also got accomplished. Sweet One was an angel but really, that was no surprise.

There was one surprise waiting for me when I got home: a clean load of laundry and the upstairs floors vacuumed (except for under Sweet One's crib)! I never expected splitting my pants would have such a positive result.

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