Monday, August 17, 2009

When your car says a little too much

When people ask us what kind of things we've noticed in terms of culture shock, it's hard to pinpoint anything. But at the same time, there are little things we notice here and there that are completely different than we were used to in Canada. Take bumper stickers. We see many more of them with stronger beliefs and opinions stated. As my husband says, "it's so nice people tell us what we are supposed to think." Usually we just laugh them off. (If I see one that is in support of McCain for the past election I often will call out, in the safety of my own car with the windows rolled up, "sucks to be you".) Today, while driving home in my wonderfully air conditioned car (it's been high 80's with 75%+ humidity for awhile now with relief on the way starting tonight), I saw something that got me to the point that I couldn't laugh it off. A late 80's to early 90's, white extended cab Ford pickup. It wasn't a bumper sticker but individual stickers covering the entire back window to tell me, and all the other drivers, how stupid we were for our vehicles of choice (which after my experience in a 1993 Ford Taurus would NEVER EVER be a Ford car again):
If you're not driving a Ford, F(*** in an upside down U shape)K You!

Seriously? It's one thing to have an opinion but I think this takes it a little bit too far. Common courtesy, anyone?

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