Saturday, August 15, 2009

Standing up for a healthy start

Big Love and I went out for lunch yesterday and even though there was nothing on the menu for Sweet One, she still ate. Any time I think I may have to feed her at a restaurant I always ask for a corner spot if possible because I feel uncomfortable doing it in public. Sweet One flailed in my attempt to get her latched as a newborn and now that she is older it is on again, off again depending on how much there is to distract her. I've tried the nursing bibs but she hates them. I really don't blame her. I don't put a blanket over my head every time I start to eat! At a restaurant in Toronto I felt guilty and ashamed for feeding Sweet One, despite the fact that I turned my chair to face into a corner. I envy those women who can be both relaxed and graceful when feeding their children in public. Right now with our very humid weather with temperatures in the high 80's, I'd love to be able to walk into an air conditioned place and feed Sweet One rather than peeling her off of me once we are done a 'hot lunch'.

I know how hard it can be to breastfeed in public but I also firmly believe that it needs to be treated with respect. Thank goodness there are people out there who will respectfully protest a woman being stigmatized for feeding her child. If I'm feeding Sweet One in public, that boob you might end up seeing for a split second isn't sexy to me. It is how I give my daughter the healthiest start in life that I know how.

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  1. Yeah! My youngest is still nursing at 29 months and I am much less concerned about what people think now than when she was little. A lot of it has to do with reading so much about how much good nursing does, and I feel by nursing in public it shows others they can too. It is still not a completly carefree experience, but I actully try to be less self concious than I am!


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