Sunday, February 17, 2013

A weird dream

Two mornings ago I was having a weird dream moments before the kids woke up. It's sort of stuck with me because I found it quite weird.

I was watching the news (which I never do anymore) and the station for the nearby larger center had a story about a group of homeless people who had created a beautiful and moving light display. I'm not exactly what it consisted of but I knew that my first reaction was that if it was supposed to be as inspiring as the coverage was saying then I absolutely had to go. When I got the kids napping I left. I went to the display. I didn't really care that I left my children at home alone because it was more important for me to see something that would provide me with a spiritual experience. When I arrived home, Big Love was back from work because I had been gone much longer than I imagined. I had no explanation. I was confused at why he was mad but the guilt hadn't started to set in yet.

Then I woke up.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Maybe she knows what lies ahead

Sweet One has been talking about moving a lot lately. We don't really talk to her about it so I'm not sure exactly why she is bringing it up so often.

"Mum, see that crack on the wall?"
"That means we have to move one day."
"I thought it meant I have to fix it."
"No. We have to move."

As I was snuggling with her just before she went to bed, she talked about taking the things in her room with her when we move. I told her we'd like to move one day because then it won't take so long to go and see her Grandmas and Grandpas and her cousins and all the rest of our family.

We have flights booked (thanks to our credit card rewards) to go to the in-laws in March. We'll fly out of the closest large airport (almost a two hour drive from here), fly to Washington and then to Seattle. That last leg is just under 6 hours. It is so far. We'll stay the night in Seattle and then we hop on a passenger ferry for just under 3 hours and end up in our destination. It is so long.

So each time that Sweet One mentions wanting to move I can not help but hope that it is a sign that the universe is working on it for us. That our hope of being somewhere new in the next 2 to 3 years will become our reality.