Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trusting the world with My Girl

It is hard trying to trust my girl in the world when I can't always be there to hold her hand. She's doing so well at school and having to keep to her schedule has really helped me get more done because I have less time to sit around when I'm bored. It has been really good for all of us.

There are two sides of the population of this school. One is made up of students who live close to the local College campus where homes and taxes are a little more pricey and the other one is of students who live in a low income housing community. Before Sweet One started school a dear friend of ours who taught there for many years summed it up for us: You'll see those who have a lot and those who don't. There isn't a whole lot of in between. I think we'd be some of the few classified as in between. There have already been some incidences of challenging behaviour from some of her classmates which have proved to be a bit of a surprise. With the support and strong encouragement of her wonderful teacher, my girl is learning to hold her ground. 

At a recent Parent Teacher Conference we learned that academically she's already passed the markers they want them to achieve for the end of Kindergarten so that's easy part of it all! They are already working on reading (She seems to have learned how to read overnight without us teaching her! It's like she's always known how.) and math. I didn't do that until I was in Grade 1! While I know it is great for my girl, I worry for those who are not ready for it and how it might cause them to act out even more than they already are. Especially if they don't have the support behind them at home.

Making new friends at school has also brought with it a birthday invitation. I've said she can go. We went to Wally's Mart so she could pick out the birthday present all by herself. Initially I felt like it would be fine but it is very scary to send her into someone else's house who I do not know. It is all so new. I can not tell you what the anxiety-prone part of my mind is doing to me. I volunteered at the school awhile back and it was nice to have the opportunity to put some names and faces together. The birthday girl is sweet and I can't see how a bad family situation would create that. From what I can tell she's living with her Grandparents. The likelihood of her getting hurt in someway at something like this is very low so why am I being ridiculous?! I've taught her that she can call us if she is ever somewhere she doesn't feel safe. And if the people won't let her use the phone to just take it. 

I want to trust this world. I want to believe in the inherent good in this world. But it is all so scary for me when I hear stories on the news and other places. I guess that's one of the problems with so much focus being on what is wrong with this world and the evils of it. We don't focus on the good things. I do truly believe I need to trust her in and as a part of this world. To do good and to take her big beautiful heart with her and hopefully help someone have a better day. So despite how scary it is for me, I will send her to this part and trust God to take care of my little girl. Unless, of course, she wakes up with a fever or something!